Punishments for driving under the influence can include probation, monetary fines, and jail time, along with other severe penalties. Additional costs incurred from a DUI arrest can often make the DUI process even more stressful and burdensome.


Towing and Impound
Rise in Insurance Premiums
Defense Attorney Fees
Court Fines
Alcohol Treatment/ Education
Licensing Fees
Jail Fee
Jail Time
Sentencing Fee
Chemical Testing Fee
Probation Supervision
Ignition Interlock Device 
Reinstatement of License
Community Service Supervision
Alternate Transportation


$150 to $2,500
$100 to $1,200
$4,500 to $10,000
$2,500 to $5,000
$150 to $1,800
$1,000 to $2,500
$10 to $50
$600 to $1,200
$500 to $1,500
$21 to $100
$100 to $1,000

$10,000 TO $27,000


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