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Mr. Baskin earned his Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School with a Certificate in International and Comparative law. While pursuing his legal degree Mr. Baskin was a valuable extern with two top judges obtaining an instrumental exposure to the justice system. It was during this time and his exposure to the criminal matters that his passion for criminal law defense took shape.

Upon graduating, Mr. Baskin launched his legal career in the Inland Empire focusing on criminal and family law matters. Mr. Baskin expanded his reach into Orange and Los Angeles Counties covering a multitude of matters utilizing his extensive background in addressing the intricacies of DUI, Drug and all types of criminal cases.

Mr. Baskin, being born and raised in Southern California, understands the needs of the community in which he so vigorously serves. After attending the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, Mr. Baskin began working in the Import/Export industry. After a couple years Mr. Baskin returned to Orange County and began a career in marketing for consumer products working directly with top executives from a multitude of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. These relationships have created in Mr. Baskin an understanding of meeting and exceeding client expectations. Mr. Baskin is diligent and provides a high-quality and vigorous representation to each client he represents.

Mr. Baskin’s experience has given him invaluable insight into the criminal justice system and created relationships that provide an incredible asset in any criminal defense case. Mr. Baskin takes advantage of these connections throughout his practice in advocating for the best resolutions and results for his clients. In addition, to his extensive criminal defense cases, Mr. Baskin also provides full representation in family law matters and was a passionate advocate providing legal services to the California Teacher’s Association in the Inland Empire. Mr. Baskin believes in the value of focused teamwork to solve client problems, and provides dedication, commitment and service to all matters and clients he serves.



Mr. Taibi graduated from the prestigious liberal arts school, Davidson College, with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, in 1989.  With a concentration in pre-law classes as part of his undergraduate studies, Mr. Taibi achieved the top 5% of those taking the LSAT, the entry examination for law school.  While he attended college, Mr. Taibi was very active in college government, holding leadership positions such as Treasurer and President of his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta.

In 1992, Mr. Taibi earned his Juris Doctorate degree at California Western School of Law.  While attending law school, Mr. Taibi was the law clerk for one of the top criminal defense and family law attorneys in San Diego County.  During these three years, Mr. Taibi received an invaluable practical education in what it means to be an attorney and how to best represent clients in different areas of law.

Mr. Taibi was admitted to practice law in the State of California in 1992, and walked into the Courtroom the very next day after his acceptance into practice and began litigating.  Mr. Taibi is authorized to practice in all Courts of California, including all State Courts, as well as all Federal District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts, and the Supreme Court of California and all Courts of Appeal. He is a member of the American Bar Association, State Bar of California and the Criminal Law Section of the State Bar, San Diego County Bar Association, and National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Mr. Taibi has successfully defended clients throughout California in criminal cases from misdemeanor and felony DUI's to felony murder cases, both state and federal, in his over 25 years of practice.  He has also represented military personnel in criminal matters and is familiar with the nuances involved.  Having grown up in New York City, he is very comfortable with the fast pace associated with criminal cases and the time constraints involved.

Mr. Taibi is a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and aggressive advocate for his clients and has been recognized as a top attorney by such organizations as the American Society of Legal Advocates and the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.  He has also served as a mediator and arbitrator for civil disputes.  His vast experience and knowledge of the law in many different areas has given him a unique perspective as to the complexity of cases and how to best resolve matters for his clients.

Mr. Taibi is very familiar with other countries and cultures and has represented many diverse individuals. He also hails from a family of immigrants, and has lived and traveled abroad, extensively in Europe and Asia.  He has also had business dealings overseas and has a background in international law, as well as immigration issues.

Mr. Taibi has vast experience in many areas of law, areas that crossover in many cases.  Mr. Taibi has represented and/or counseled clients in thousands of matters.  He has successfully handled felonies/misdemeanors, DUI's with and without injury, theft, violent crimes, drug crimes, both state and federal, as well as those involving military personnel; administrative proceedings; DMV hearings and countless licensure proceedings; immigration issues; business law and related white collar crimes, such as embezzlement, welfare and social security fraud and insurance fraud; probate cases, involving conservatorships, guardianships, and elder abuse, and has prepared, and given advice regarding, wills and trusts; domestic violence and family law matters; adoptions; family disputes; matters involving corporations and contracts; civil litigation, and injury accidents; and international law.  It is necessary to be proficient in all of these areas to properly evaluate criminal cases and represent clients in the most effective and best possible way, to strategize properly and to analyze all options and/or consequences one may have, or have to face.  Mr. Taibi has spent many years learning and practicing all of these areas of law and honing his skills.

Mr. Taibi is highly respected as litigator and counselor for over 25 years as a practicing attorney, by attorneys and judges alike, and has the knowledge and experience to properly handle virtually any matter.  



David J. Ruyle, Jr. focuses his criminal and DUI defense practice in San Diego where he was born and raised. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University in 1998 and his law degree from Trinity Law School in 2002.  During law school Mr. Ruyle interned with the San Diego County Public Defender’s office where he was exposed to felony related matters.

After working for a few years as an attorney on DUI and other criminal matters, he had a calling to better understand the public perception of law enforcement and the realities officers face. That calling led him to attend a California POST certified Police Academy in 2007 and become a Reserve Police Officer with the City of El Cajon. As a police officer, he was certified to use the PAS and Intoximeter to determine level of intoxication.  He was exposed not only to the policies and procedures a police department and its officers must follow but effects they have on the community.  During his commission as an officer he was exposed to drunk drivers, domestic violence, and narcotics offenders along with many other issues a patrol officer encounters on a daily basis. He enjoyed his participation in many community outreach events sponsored by the police department.

While he was a reserve police officer he continued his legal practice representing clients in criminal matters and was able to effectively apply his experience as a police officer to his cases and addressing his clients’ needs. He has since resigned his commission with the City of El Cajon but has a passion for sharing what he learned.  He was able to share his real world and academic experience as an adjunct professor in the Criminal Justice Department of both Westwood College and the University of Phoenix. He now continues to work with students studying for the Bar Exam.

As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Ruyle has represented clients charged with misdemeanors such as DUIs, domestic violence, drug possession and theft to felony cases such as severe domestic violence, burglary, robbery and narcotics. He takes pride in understanding his clients’ situations and being attentive to their needs while seeking a favorable outcome for their case.  Also of importance to him is his clients’ ultimate well-being and the correction of any patterns of behavior that may be the underlying factor in their criminal case. 

Mr. Ruyle is in good standing with the State Bar of California, a member of the San Diego County Bar Association and California Public Defender’s Association.


Attorney of Counsel

Samuel Sue, JSD, has joined the team of Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer to take the position of Senior Attorney. Mr. Sue brings over two decades of experience to our prestigious law firm and will use his experience to aid in the early stages of case analysis and development. This is a vital part of the overall legal process and requires that Mr. Sue closely works with you and your entire defense team for your DUI charge.

Increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome for your DUI charge requires close cooperation and communication all across the board. Mr. Sue is the direct link between you and your legal team as well as the person who will oversee working with retired detectives and police officers who act as third-party advisers or investigators for your DUI case. He also gathers all the necessary information to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of your case and will ultimately present all his findings to the Supervising Attorney at Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer law firm.

Even though Mr. Sue’s position is directorial in the law firm, he is committed to providing each and every client his attention and focus. This is in line with the firm’s policy of putting you, the clients, first and devoting time, resources, and energy to providing you with the best possible legal representation. Mr. Sue takes a very hands-on approach to every case while working closely with you, other DUI lawyers at the firm, and any outside advisers who can help you in your case.

This hands-on approach allows Mr. Sue to oversee the development and creation of a legal plan of action that is best suited to your specific case. No two cases are ever exactly alike, and Mr. Sue has the requisite education, knowledge, and skill set to use his keen legal mind to customize a plan of action for you and your case.

Mr. Sue developed his deep knowledge and broad skill set via his considerable legal education and professional experience. He holds an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest and an M.A. in International Legal Theory and Latin American Studies from Washington DC’s American University. Following this, Mr. Sue then attained his law degree, a Masters of Law in the Theory of International Finance and Taxes, and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in International Financial Theory and Tax Laws. All three of these degrees are from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Concurrently, Mr. Sue worked as a teacher in international affairs, working on trust and estate law at a highly esteemed San Diego law firm. He is also licensed by the American Bar Association (ABA) to work as an attorney in California, North Carolina, and Nevada and by the California Department of Corporations (CORP) to work as an investment adviser.

Once he was fully licensed, Mr. Sue began providing legal counsel, financial advice, and estate law analysis for a number of clients, including large corporations and smaller private entities (like families with extensive assets). In addition, he has worked with multi-national companies to allow them to legally develop their professional operations on American soil.

Finally, Mr. Sue has a profound knowledge of immigration law due to multiple decades of experience. He has worked tirelessly to help non-citizens win legal residency status or American citizenship. Furthermore, he is acutely aware of the specific challenges that non-citizens may face in a DUI charge. That means that he will work with your overall defense team at Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer to make sure that you receive legal representation that is just as good as the kind afforded to U.S. citizens.

As a highly respected and accomplished attorney and consultant, Mr. Sue’s addition to the team ensures that our clients will be receiving legal counsel of the highest standard. Furthermore, Mr. Sue possesses an impressive list of achievements, both in and out of the courtroom. This means that he can draw from a wide range of experiences to fight for you in your DUI case.



Thomas beck is our firm’s Senior Director of Operations and Client Operations. Mr. Beck has 19 years of experience as an industry leader and has experience working with one of Arizona’s largest firms. Mr. Beck contributes a devotion to excellence to our team that goes above and beyond what our client’s expect. Mr. Beck’s position is to be a liaison between our firm’s Senior and Associate attorneys and their relationship with our new clients. Mr. Beck is imperative to the initial process; he determines what aspect of our client’s case our attorneys will handle and how the attorneys will proceed in handling the client’s case. Mr. Beck works with all of our attorneys and support staff. Mr. Beck focuses on keeping our clients happy and ensuring that they are treated like our only clients.



Kevin Roncevich is a veteran who served in the U.S. Navy for five years. He was stationed in San Diego, CA and was deployed twice where he supported the operation. In the year 1998, he was deployed again and was aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln battalion that launched missiles against two targeted sites. The first sight was a pharmaceutical factory based in Sudan that was suspected of funding Osama Bin Laden in the manufacture of chemical weapons. The second site to be bombed with the Tomahawk cruise missiles was Osama’s training camps based in Afghanistan. The two strikes under codename Operation Infinite Reach were a direct order from President Clinton after Osama’s terrorist groups bombed two U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Mr. Roncevich received numerous awards and recognitions during his service in the U.S. Navy.

Mr. Roncevich Awards and Personal Accomplishments

  • Best Junior Sailor
  • 2 Deep Se Service Deployment Ribbons
  • 2 Meritorious Unit Commendations
  • A Good Conduct Medal
  • A Battle “E” Award
  • Coast Guard Unit Recommendation
  • A Flag Letter of Recommendation
  • Sailor of the Months Award
  • Navy Achievement Medal
  • 2 Armed Forces Expeditionary Medals
  • A Letter of Recommendation from the Rear Admiral of the U.S. Navy

Letters of Appreciation and Commendation

After serving his country honorably, Mr. Roncevich joined a police academy by the name Golden West based in California from the month of November 2001 to April 2002. Because Mr. Roncevich had continuously topped his class, the Cypress Police Section decided to hire him in February 2002 where he worked as a training officer, patrol officer, criminal investigation detective, and as a member of the SWAT team. Mr. Roncevich has received over 2,000 hours of formal police. He has also attended and completed several hours of advanced officer training in the following areas:

Training Officer: Being a traffic officer, Mr. Roncevich had the responsibility of training and evaluating new police officers to ensure that they were able to work independently in a skillful, safe, professional, and efficient manner. He assessed new officer’s performance in the knowledge of the city, report writing, driving skills, state and federal laws, and officer safety among others as well as overall conduct and improvement.

Patrol Officer: When performing his duties, Mr. Roncevich provided public safety by responding to emergencies, maintaining order, protecting people and their property, promoting good community relations, and enforcing both criminal and motor vehicle laws. He also helped in identifying, pursuing, and arresting suspects and criminals. Mr. Roncevich also reviewed facts on the happening of events to determine whether state or federal criminal acts or municipality violations had been committed. Additionally, it was the job of Mr. Roncevich to testify, present evidence in both criminal and traffic cases, and also act as a witness. It was also his responsibility to process inmates, prepare and also maintain prisoners booking records.

Criminal Investigation Detective:As a criminal investigator and police detective for about 4 years, Roncevich helped solve several fraud cases including the fraudulent use of access cards and identity theft, property crimes including burglary, theft, and vandalism, as well as crimes against people including sexual assault, domestic violence, and robbery and homicide. As a detective and investigator, he performed regular investigations and established appropriate suspects and witnesses. He also maintained knowledge on the factual requirements and was in frequent coordination with the crime lab team to get professional assistance in testing evidence collected from crime scenes. During his work, Mr. Roncevich was always in direct contact with the office of the district attorney and helped build strong cases for trial. As a police detective, writing warrants, meeting with judges to review and also sign search warrants and scheduling meetings with the district attorney to review warrants was a common thing. Mr. Roncevich also spent several hours conducting surveillance in different locations while preparing for arrest and search warrants. When Mr. Roncevich was the lead investigator, his main responsibility was to oversee a group of both detectives and investigators and he often worked with other bodies outside law enforcement including the secret service,  FBI, and DOJ among others to help solve complex cases.

SWAT Team Member: Mr. Roncevich worked as a SWAT team member where he responded to callouts to protect other police officers in case of violent outbursts. Some of these situations include the arrest of dangerous criminals, during riots, situations where there were hostages, to create a perimeter security, counter-terrorism, and identify potential threats among other situations where public and police safety was in danger. Mr. Roncevich also helped in carrying out high-risk search and arrest warrants. As a breacher in the SWAT team, his main responsibility was to breach the structure in question for the rest of the team to gain access.

Personal Accomplishments and Awards

  • Letter of Commendation – This was after a bank robbery that led to a hot pursuit and the apprehension of the notorious “Cash and Carat” bandits.
  • Letter of Commendation – This award was from the Office of the Orange County District Attorney after successfully completing investigating a high profile case.
  • Gold Distinguished Service Medal – This award was for the heroism and bravery Mr. Roncevich demonstrated during an incident where an officer was engaged in gunfire with an armed robber.
  • Letter of Appreciation – This was issued by the Chief of Police in the Alamitos area after the successful capture of criminals who had fled from police keeping.
  • Letter of Appreciation – It was issued by the American Rentals after helping solve a difficult theft case that involved industrial equipment.
  • Formal Recognition –Mr. Roncevich was recognized for the successful capture of a narcotic subject who had fled from officers.
  • Letter of Recognition – The Cypress Chief of Police issued this letter to Mr. Roncevich due to team effort and full commitment with regards to a successful search for a robbery suspect.
  • Letter of Recognition – Mr. Roncevich received this letter from the Cypress Police Narcotics Sergeant after referring a confidential informant that led to a search warrant and the arrest of two suspects for being in possession of large amounts of methamphetamine, scales, packaging material, a firearm, and paraphernalia.
  • Mr. Roncevich also designed and executed a departmental form that is now widely used during investigations of subjects who use harmful narcotics.
  • Letter of Recognition – The Cypress Chief of Police issued Mr. Roncevich with this letter after his assistance in the apprehension of numerous felony vandalism subjects who were nabbed due to the well-planned approach.

Advanced Officer Training

  1. Courtroom Testimony: Undertaken in the department of the Riverside County Sheriff
  2. Criminal Investigations: Undertaken in the department of the Riverside County Sheriff
  3. Child Abuse and Sexual Assault: Took place in the department of the Riverside County Sheriff
  4. Advanced Interview and Interrogation: Undertaken in the department of the Riverside County Sheriff
  5. Homicide Investigation: Took place in Orange County at the Sheriff’s Department
  6. Elder Abuse Investigation: Took place in Orange County at the Sheriff’s Department
  7. Search Warrant Guidelines
  8. Vehicle Theft
  9. Alcohol Sensor Device Certified
  10. DNA Evidence Gathering: Undertook in City of Cypress
  11. Identity Theft
  12. Drug Abuse Identification
  13. Emergency Response
  14. Received the Quickcheck Narcotic Identification Kit Certification
  15. Lawful Interception of both electronic and wire Digital Pager certification
  16. PENI Street Gang Training: Training was provided by the Orange County Training Managers Association and the Southern California Skin Task Force
  17. Identification of Fake DVD (Digital Video Disc): Training provided by the Motion Picture Association of America Inc.

In the year 2013, Mr. Roncevich received his retirement from the local police department and it was at this time that he decided to start his own security firm. When starting his business, he was tasked with the responsibility of developing business plans that would include a full description of the products and services, how he would finance the business (through loans and investors), the overall goal of the business, and deadlines. The role of Mr. Roncevich included reviewing financials and sales reports, and matching them with the overall long-term and short-term business goals. Additionally, he was responsible for reviewing statements and other reports related to the business balance sheets. Other responsibilities of Mr. Roncevich included making decisions, identifying problems, interpreting results, and improving quality and productivity.

Personal Accomplishments

  • Responsible for the purchase, deployment, and maintenance of patrol cars
  • He was responsible for directing and running the sales and operations divisions of the business. Under his leadership, revenue growth skyrocketed to approximately $4 million within a span of only three years.

Company Achievements

  • Certificate of Acknowledgment
  • Orange County Business Journal: His business was one of the fastest growing businesses in the area.

While still running his private security business, in the year 2015 Mr. Roncevich decided to open a private investigations company. Being a private investigator, he worked AOE and COE investigations, Criminal and civil defense investigations, welfare fraud, insurance fraud, and witness testimony.

Despite leading a busy lifestyle, Mr. Roncevich has invested in his professional education and earned professional licenses, including:

  • Primary peace officer standards and training certificate
  • Personal patrol operator
  • Reserved investigator
  • Intermediary Ceasefire Officer Standards and Training certificate
  • Vehicle pre-licensing education program
  • Guard card
  • Radical Peace Officer Standards and Training Certificate
  • 55+ units from three colleges



Lily es la gerente de casos e interprete de Ingles y Español en las oficinas de Orange County Criminal Defense Attorneys. En esta posición, la señora Baskin provee ayuda a muchos de nuestros clientes de habla hispana y es la persona de contacto para programar citas. Ella también participa en las reuniones con nuestros abogados y clientes, a través de interpretación legal al Español.

La señora Lilyinicio su carrera hace 10 años como asistente administrativa y traductora en múltiples oficinas de Real Estate. Ella también ha trabajado con varios abogados ayudándoles a manejar y administrar casos legales por todo el condado de Orange.

La señora Lily ha ampliado su experiencia atendiendo distintos juzgados, desde el condado de Orange hasta el condado de Los Ángeles, interpretando cuestiones legales a nuestros diversos clientes cuando es necesario.

Su conocimiento en la rama legal, eficiencia y enfoque al cliente nos ayuda (auxilia) y beneficia al tenerla como parte del equipo.



John Park joins the Los Angeles team as the Director of New Client Development.  He is the first point of contact for all new clients, acting as liaison between attorney and client.  Before coming to the firm, John’s passion for social justice and desire to be an advocate for all people led him into the education sector, working as a lead educator, principal, and marketing director for 15 years.  John strongly believes in the importance of preserving and fighting for the rights of all people.  Through these experiences, John has developed the capacity to clearly and effectively inform new clients on the services of law firm and provide individual care for each client.  He has a Bachelors in Education from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  His objective is to provide potential clients with utmost care and importance, ensuring their needs are completely met by the firm.

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