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Orange County DUI Attorney

When you or a loved one faces charges for driving under the influence, you need to work with a skilled and experienced attorney through your case. DUI charges fall within the criminal category and may attract penalties for convicts. Choose a reputable criminal defense law firm that understands the importance of preparing a solid defense case to avoid harsh outcomes.

At Orange County DUI Attorney, we dedicate ourselves to providing excellent legal advice, court representation, and criminal defense preparation for your case. We aim to increase your chances of a favorable case outcome and avoid DUI-related penalties.

Our team has worked with hundreds of clients facing DUI charges in Orange County, California, and understands the many legal requirements to meet. Upon partnering with us, you can handle undertaking technical legal processes by yourself, as we are available for assistance.

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Before you lock in on your criminal defense attorney, you must obtain enough information about how they operate. Company practice can be pivotal in your case, which is why our law firm focuses on criminal defense law. Our commitment to the practice area has exposed us to multiple DUI case variations, giving us rich knowledge and experience.

Additionally, our years of practice make us reliable in handling any matter, including those with complex facts. Addressing everyday challenges is also easier because our legal team works closely to ensure we deliver excellent services for every case.

You Can Count on Us for Quality DUI Defense Services

As DUI attorneys, we understand the expectations we need to meet for you and endeavor to do so. Our work ethic is carefully curated to meet your needs while incorporating crucial criminal law principles for a great outcome. The team working on your case is ready to provide all the necessary information, and you can count on us for:

Incomparable Legal Services

What separates good lawyers from great lawyers is the diligence they put into their work. Going one step ahead to provide quality legal services is something we take very seriously. Based on this, our team has received training on preparing strong DUI defenses and presenting them in court. Throughout our preparation process, we have your concerns in mind and maintain an open communication line for you to address them.

Robust Criminal Defense Strategies

All criminal cases require a defense attorney to counter the prosecutor’s case and cast reasonable doubt on a successful outcome. With this understanding, we prepare innovative and functional defense strategies to challenge the prosecutor’s credibility and persuade the presiding judge to issue a judgment in your favor.

Unmatched Experience in DUI Defense Practice

Over the years, exposure to different case circumstances builds experience, and our team has used this exposure to develop their prowess. We understand procedures undertaken in the DMV office department, as well as in DUI courts. We also have a rapport with local DMV officers, prosecutors, and judges, giving us a platform to cooperate with them and promote a fair trial for you. With this experience, you can trust that you are safe as we prepare you for trial.

Supervising Attorney

G. Cole Casey


Our Intake Process

Consulting an attorney for the first time may feel unfamiliar, but you can worry less, thanks to our intake process. Here are a few things to expect after scheduling an appointment with us:

Warm Welcomes to Our Law Firm

Coming into our law firm is an excellent way to start our relationship, as you will meet the legal team and have a feel for our personalities and work ethic. Our front desk operators will provide a warm welcome and make you feel comfortable, reassuring you that you are in the right place.

Introduction to Your Attorney

Soon after confirming your appointment, a team member will introduce themselves as your DUI attorney and provide some background about their experience in the field. You are welcome to take the chance and ask questions about how they operate and their professional approaches to DUI cases.

Undertake an In-Person Meeting to Understand Your Position

Scheduling face-to-face meetings is highly important, as you and your attorney have a chance to build rapport. By creating a good relationship with your lawyer, you will have an easier time navigating your DUI case and providing important information where necessary.

Moreover, having a great rapport promotes your confidence in the services you receive, giving you a more positive experience. Your attorney will also assess your personality and determine how to best prepare and present information in a way that you appreciate, which is essential for progress.

Case Facts and Facts Discussion

After introducing yourself to your lawyer, you will provide a rundown of your case facts to help them understand your position. They will ask about how your arrest occurred, the location of the arrest, and whether you underwent fair test procedures.

All information is welcome; some details may prove crucial when developing your defense case. As a result, you need to do your best and recount all the case facts as you remember them to provide a starting point for your attorney.

Questions to Ask Before Retaining Your Attorney

Meeting your DUI attorney is the first step toward navigating your trial process. Since it may be a long journey ahead, you want reassurance that you have partnered with an experienced lawyer who is ready to provide high-quality services.

A few essential questions to ask before retaining your lawyer from our firm include:

  • How many years of experience do you have practicing DUI defense law?
  • How many cases have you handled to completion?
  • Who is the specific attorney assigned to my DUI case?
  • What is your attorney’s accessibility when handling my case?
  • Do the attorneys have positive reviews?
  • How do the courts handle DUI cases?
  • What process guides the firm in choosing cases to handle?
  • What are the expected legal fees and available payment plans?

Presenting these questions upfront will set your expectations for working with us. As a result, differences are less likely to emerge, making it easier for your attorney to focus on your case and for you to relax and follow the court process. Overall, the benefits of presenting all expectations and guidelines upfront are instrumental to our relationship with our clients.

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This is Our Promise to You

Many law firms are available to handle DUI cases in California, but our firm distinguishes itself by making these promises to you:.

We Take Case Research Seriously

Although we have handled multiple DUI cases over the years, we believe each client’s case is different and requires all the attention it needs. One of the essential requirements to satisfy in court is having a thorough research presentation that covers all doubts and counterarguments.

Based on this, we strive to research your case correctly to obtain relevant evidence, case facts, and presentation strategies. Our team works round the clock to access credible legal sources to support your claim, and you can count on us for consistent, quality services.

You Have Access to Our Communication Channels Throughout

Keeping in touch with your attorney is also necessary because it allows you to receive updates about your case. Similarly, you can present new information that you believe is important to building strong defenses. Although many lawyers provide good defense services, they may need to be made available, slowing communication and possibly derailing the case's progress.

Our team is well-equipped to handle all incoming communication through email and phone calls, allowing you to convey and receive information consistently. This way, you can count on us to respond in emergencies and provide legal support during uncertain times.

We Prioritize On Your Case

After receiving your case file, you can count on us to prioritize it and develop a fitting response to emerging issues. Prioritization for us means creating time to understand what your DUI case requires us to do, from collecting evidence to gauging the most instrumental defenses to apply.

Additionally, your assigned attorney provides continuous updates that help you follow the progress and remain hopeful for upcoming trial sessions. We value your input and are determined to ensure we complement your feedback with our professional legal experience for a positive result during your DUI hearing.

No Mill Services in Our Firm

Our clients are precious to us, and we do not endorse the "mill services" approach when accepting cases. It often involves taking up as many cases as possible to increase earnings, but it often comes at the expense of the quality of the services you receive. Our clients choose us because they trust our legal input and strive to uphold our service delivery.

Based on this, you do not have to worry about competing interests regarding cases we handle, as yours will receive all the attention it needs for a successful case outcome. Our team is also equipped to apply themselves to a specific number of case files at a time to ensure they stay within their abilities. In doing so, your matter concludes smoothly and on time to help you continue your life.

You Receive One-on-One Court Representation

Having a lawyer represent you during court proceedings goes a long way toward giving you leeway to counter the prosecutor’s case. A reasonable attorney understands court procedures and meets all requirements without delay.

Further, they are ready to cross-examine witnesses on your behalf and counter any submissions issued by the prosecutor. With consistent one-on-one presentations, you can better argue your case and persuade the court to give a lenient judgment or acquit you of the charges.

Standard DUI Charges and Court Penalties

DUI charges and penalties vary depending on the initial charge you receive. As a first-time offender, you face a first-time DUI charge amounting to a misdemeanor. If found guilty, you will face six months to one year in county jail or pay a fine of up to $1000. The judge may also order you to attend mandatory DUI school lasting three to nine months.

Repeat offenders face harsher penalties based on their criminal history. Second, third, and fourth-time DUI offenders may still face misdemeanor charges and punishment, but with an increment in the number of months spent at DUI school or in jail. However, a fourth-time offender risks facing felony charges because the prosecutor aims to introduce harsher penalties for repeated offenses.

How to Avoid Losing Your Driving Privileges

Although you may be responsible for a DUI charge, you do not have to lose your driving privileges. The loss is likely to occur if you receive a suspended license, which often happens after an arrest. To avoid losing your benefits, your attorney will advise you to:

Submit to the DUI Breath Test

Submitting a DUI test should be standard, as failure to comply attracts license suspension orders. Further, refusing to submit to the test gives the prosecutor more leverage against you in court, as they may cite your refusal as evidence of guilt. Although taking the test may seem detrimental, your attorney will prepare defenses to help you avoid a conviction and harsh penalties.

Present an Appeal on Your License Suspension at a DMV Hearing

Additionally, you can counter your driver's license suspension by filing an appeal at the Department of Motor Vehicles office. Your grounds for appeal may point to the need to retain your vehicle for everyday use. For example, if you have a special needs child who drives daily to school, you can present this information and persuade the presiding DMV officer to be lenient with their decision.

Possible Defenses Applicable to Your Case

Your defense attorney is essential to presenting counterarguments that serve as your defense. These arguments should accurately reflect your position and aim to persuade the court of your innocence. The following are possible defenses applicable to your DUI charge:

The Arresting Officers Violated Your Miranda Rights

Before traffic officers arrest you, they should read your Miranda rights and use them throughout the arrest and charging process. The law dictates that you have the right to remain silent during the arrest.

They also require officers to inform you that anything you say can be used against you in court, prompting you not to give self-incriminating details. You can rely on the circumstances as a defense if the officers failed to inform you of your rights and violated them. When making the presentation, your DUI attorney will support your position with sufficient evidence.

The Officers Lacked Probable Cause for Your Arrest

Further, traffic officers must have probable cause before making an arrest. Otherwise, it may be considered arbitrary. The failure to apply probable cause before arrest indicated that the officers’ suspicions about your mental state while driving may have been incorrect. If you can support your argument with evidence contradicting the prosecutor’s position, your DUI attorney may secure an acquittal order.

Insufficient Evidence for Your DUI Charge

Some cases lack legal basis because of insufficient evidence, resulting in an unsubstantiated case. Your DUI attorney can quickly determine whether the prosecutor has a credible case and raise issues if it lacks the requirements. For example, if the arresting officers did not administer BAC tests accordingly, the results would not be sufficient evidence acceptable in court to prove your case.

Poor Handling of Test Evidence

Some tests may yield inaccurate results because the people administering them handle the samples poorly. This is common in chemical tests, as they involve blood sampling. You can therefore rely on this defense if you strongly believe that your tests do not convey accurate details about your bodily state. If you had not drunk substantial alcohol, you could present evidence supporting your position to persuade the judge to issue a decision in your favor.

You Performed Field Sobriety Tests Accordingly

Field sobriety tests measure your body's mobility, often indicating how drunk you may be. Upon performing your tests accordingly, traffic officers should not rely on the information as evidence to demonstrate that you were drunk. Doing so amounts to an unfair trial process, and you can raise a defense against it.

What to Do After a DUI Arrest

Understandably, a DUI arrest may be disorienting, causing you to miss essential pointers that could be useful for your case. To avoid this, we recommend that you:

Consult an Attorney

Soon after, you can make a phone call, contact your trusted attorney, and explain your situation. Our experience in handling similar matters will prompt us to take immediate action and organize for your release on bail and your trial.

Provide All Necessary Information on Your Case

Further, you want to prepare all the information you will provide your attorney in advance. Your accuracy in giving the details may dictate how your case goes, so you want to go over all the critical points before speaking to your lawyer. This is mainly because you will have limited access to talk to them until you exit jail.

Retain Your Criminal DUI Attorney

After agreeing to the terms of service with us, we propose that you retain your assigned DUI attorney so they can begin their case. With their help, you will counter the prosecutor’s arguments and increase your chances of a favorable case outcome.

The Phases of a DUI Case

As a first-time offender, you may need guidance on how to navigate your DUI charge and arrest. Your DUI attorney should give you all the necessary details about the main phases of a DUI case, which include:

Traffic officers must investigate any driver they firmly believe to be drunk. Subsequently, a DUI investigation may involve being stopped at a DUI roadblock where the officers administer a DUI test. This involves blowing into a breathalyzer and displaying blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.

Additionally, they may request that you perform a field sobriety test to determine your body's mobility. It complements the DUI tests you are subjected to and may serve as evidence in court.

Once the officers determine that you are driving under the influence, they will have probable cause for arrest. Due to this, you will be arrested and detained at the nearest station pending your release on bail or bond.

 While at the station, you will also undergo the booking process, where officers note your name and other important personal details. The information is necessary for future reference and general record-keeping.

Working through your arrest and DUI case alone can be hectic, so retaining a DUI attorney is advisable. Their advice and legal input can pivot your case, giving you a chance to receive an acquittal or a lenient outcome. They will also be available for representation in court or a DMV hearing, which is necessary for a positive result.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the primary office that receives DUI cases in California. It also handles multiple case hearings and works hand in hand with courts to issue determinations. You can therefore expect the officers taking your file to present it to the DMV, especially if you appeal your license suspension soon after your arrest. Your DUI attorney can represent you during DMV hearings, and you will have a chance to issue defenses for your actions.

Once the DMV processes your case, a prosecutor is assigned to prepare a court case, especially if your matter involves criminal elements. You need to make essential preparations ahead of time, including engaging your defense attorney. By doing this, you are in a better position to defend yourself and fight the DUI allegations made against you.

Each case presents different facts; not all defenses will work for your matter. As a result, you should take time to assess possible reasons with your attorney’s help for better chances at presenting successful arguments.

During this stage, your DUI attorney will also introduce the strategies they intend to apply in your case for a positive outcome. They will guide you through any sections you must participate in and ensure you understand how the trial will proceed. If you have information that could affect your defense case, you must present it now to make your attorney’s approach seamless.

A court trial begins with a pre-trial process, whereby the prosecutor handling your case provides details about the evidence gathered against you. They will also confirm that they are ready to proceed and present their list of witnesses, among other important information the court requires.

Similarly, your DUI attorney will provide the evidence they have gathered in your defense and the general approach they will follow during your defense hearing. Full disclosure is necessary during the defense hearing to promote a fair trial, leading to an agreeable case outcome for both parties.

During your court arraignment, the presiding judge requires you to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. Presenting your decision is necessary, as pleading guilty means accepting the charges against you. Consequently, there would be no need for a trial, and the judge would move straight into sentencing.

On the other hand, pleading not guilty means you deny the DUI charges, meaning that a trial is necessary to determine the case's outcome. If you intend to counter the prosecutor’s case, you need to plead not guilty so that both the prosecutor and your attorney can present their cases.

The DUI trial begins with the prosecution team presenting their arguments against you, and their goal is to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Subsequently, they will gather all the information necessary to demonstrate that you drove under the influence of alcohol and should therefore face the consequences.

After the prosecutor’s trial, you will then have the chance to counter your argument by presenting your defense case. As your DUI attorneys, we aim to help you cast reasonable doubt and reduce the chances of a conviction. Although the trial may consist of multiple counterarguments from both parties, the judge notes down all important factors and considers the weight of the evidence presented. With a skilled attorney, you are in a better position to receive an acquittal, as they understand the core legal principles to uphold.

After the trial concludes, you will either be found guilty or innocent of the DUI charge, depending on the weight of each case. If you are found guilty, you will be liable to face punishment during the sentencing hearing. During the session, the judge explains their findings and the reasons for the type of punishment you receive.

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