One of the most significant challenges faced by DUI defense attorneys is how their clients’ affairs are handled when they are out of office. Like many lawyers, you find that you are out of the office most of the time, sometimes meeting with clients and other times attending hearings in courts. Less time is spent in the office, a place where most of your clients’ calls are received. Sometimes you miss important calls, and other times your clients’ inquiries are not answered as they should. Managing office calls is a significant issue that can be resolved by engaging a call answering service. Here are other reasons to hire a phone answering service for your DUI defense law firm:

You Are Less Likely to Miss Your Clients’ Calls

The main reason why your clients call your office is that they are in trouble with the law and are seeking legal guidance and/or representation. Some clients call after an arrest because they do not know what to do or say. Other clients will call to hire your legal representation in their hearing. Missing a call from a client will push them to call your competitor. It translates to lost business and a lost chance to grow your service.

The problem is that you will not always be there to pick calls from clients. You’ll be required in courts for hearings. You will also need time off to rest. If you do not have a reliable answering service for your business, you might end up losing significant business.

The right answering service for your DUI law firm will ensure that your calls are received and your clients’ needs are attended to even in your absence. A virtual receptionist will work during the day at night and over the weekend to make sure that no call from a client is missed. Your call handler will redirect priority calls to you or your colleagues to ensure that your business is ongoing, even when you’re out of the office.

Someone will Answer Potential Clients’ Basic Questions On Behalf of Your Firm.

As a DUI defense lawyer, you must be extremely busy. Even in the presence of apparent traffic laws, some drivers still operate under the influence. It means that the police are always making arrests, whether during the day and night. As a competent DUI defense law firm, your office must be very busy with cases. It means that you have little or no time left to answer basic questions potential clients might have before engaging your services.

You realize that your current clients will not be with you for the long term, hence the need to keep sourcing for new clients to keep the business going. Thus, you need a professional and knowledgeable person in your business’ dealings to answer all the necessary questions and provide any information a potential client might need to make informed decisions. Potential clients are likely to convert to real clients if their questions are well-answered.

Additionally, clients want to know that you’ll be there for them throughout the legal process until their case is determined. This is seen in the urgency with which your firm picks and responds to their calls. If a client’s call is answered immediately, and in no time, they are given the information they need, it shows how reliable your law firm is. It is the kind of firm they would like to engage in legal representation and guidance.

Less Interruption Whenever you Are Busy

When you’re busy with a client or even preparing for a case, you don’t want to be interrupted now and then by office calls. If you are operating from an office, this is inevitable unless you have measures in place to ensure that your business calls are not coming directly to your office. Interruptions can also happen when you’re in a meeting with a client or even in court. If you receive calls during these times, you might end up losing your current case or missing out on an important point that could help the issue at hand.

Engaging a call handler’s services ensures that all your office calls are received without necessarily being interrupted. A professional call handler knows what to say to your clients when they call. If an urgent or critical call comes through, your virtual receptionist will send you a message without interfering with whatever task you are handling at that moment. Working with minimal interruptions promotes efficiency in service delivery and makes you appear professional to your clients.

Frees Your Time for More Important Tasks

DUI defense law firms are exceptionally busy. There are clients to attend to all the time. Besides speaking and redirecting new clients, DUI defense attorneys have a myriad of other tasks they must complete every day. Call management in an office setting takes a lot of time, leaving them less time for other essential tasks.

A call answering service for your DUI law firm will handle all your incoming calls, leaving you with enough time to attend other essential office duties. You can hold meetings with clients in your office without thinking about those calling and how their queries should be handled. You can attend court hearings without feeling as if you are leaving some clients out.

A call handler is professionally trained to answer and redirect calls to the intended destination. It will be too much work for you and your colleagues if you take up call management alongside other tasks. Remember that most clients who want to engage in your services will call immediately after arrest. Thus, your office must have someone ready to receive and handle their calls satisfactorily. With the right call handler working for your office, you can now concentrate on other tasks that will better or grow your business.

It’s an Excellent Way to Retain Customers

Have you been wondering what you can do to retain most of the clients who call your law firm? First impressions play a vital role in maintaining customers for every business. When a potential client calls your office, they are bound to decide whether or not to hire you based on the kind of reception they have received. How their calls are answered, how their inquiries are handled, and whether or not they feel valued will make them call again or even engage your services in the future.

The good about your law firm’s answering service is that call handlers are well-trained to answer calls and customer inquiries professionally. Your virtual receptionist will be kind and patient to your clients, directing them in areas where they need assistance. Your callers will have enough time to ask questions, make suggestions, and even make a decision without feeling rushed.

Again, remember that DUI defense services are required not just during the day but also at night and over the weekends. A person can be arrested for DUI at any time of the day or night. Availing your services round the clock makes your clients feel comfortable to contact you every time they have a need. It is impossible to lose a client when your services are available even after working hours.

Your Firm Can Cater to Your Clients’ Specific Needs

Every client that your DUI defense law firm receives is different and with unique needs that you must address during service delivery. Even though all your clients are those facing DUI charges, their cases are different. You must make time to understand the uniqueness of each of your client’s cases. However, this could be a challenge if your law firm has so many cases to handle. You might lose focus on what is essential for every client, losing a connection with your client that might cost you a business in the future.

Having someone available throughout the day and night to receive your client’s calls ensures that your callers will be given enough audience to detail their needs. Your virtual receptionist will have all the resources needed to pay attention to every specific need of clients that contact your office. He/she will note down those specifics and then forward them to the right attorney in your law firm. When you or your colleague is handling a particular case, you will have all the details regarding that client beforehand. It makes it easy for you to prepare the case with the client’s specific needs in mind.

Catering to your clients’ specific needs will improve efficiency in service delivery and also make work easy for you. Your callers will always be satisfied enough to contact you at any time there is a need. They’ll also be willing to refer you to everyone who might be requiring your help.

It Keeps You More Organized.

It is almost impossible to remain organized when you have so much work to do every day. Much of a DUI defense attorney’s time is dedicated to his/her clients. You have to plan for defense, gather evidence, attend court hearings, and meet with clients. Minimal or no time is left to organize your schedule and other work-related tasks.

A phone answering service makes matters more manageable for you and your colleagues. A virtual assistant will not only receive your calls in your absence but also plan schedules, schedule, confirm, and reschedule appointments. If a client urgently needs your help, your virtual assistant will ensure that you have all the information you will need for the meeting.

Many people facing DUI charges call for legal services. Since most of them call from detention, you may not receive the most new clients in your office. When they call, your call handler will be there to note down their details, the nature of their legal problem, and when they can meet up with you. With someone there helping you out with your clients, you will always be organized and on time for meetings. It makes your work more efficient, with no chance of missing an appointment or a court hearing.

It Will Save Money for Your Firm

Your legal firm may not be making enough money if you spend much of your proceeds to run it. Running a law firm is not cheap, especially if you have paralegals and other office assistants to pay. Even when you have a full schedule with clients every day, you might realize that you are not making enough money, in the end, to pay for everything you need. Engaging a phone answering service is a chance to save your firm some money and at the same time relieve yourself of some daunting tasks that could be taking much of your time.

Call handlers are trained and hired by call centers to offer legal firms the answering services they need to outsource. It means that your firm will not be involved in the recruitment and training of the call handler. Additionally, you will not be required to establish an office for your virtual receptionist.

Outsourcing is an excellent way to save businesses money. Your legal firm will receive quality and professional services for a small fraction of the entire costs you would incur if you hired an in-house call handler. All that is required of you is to provide the call center with information you would like your clients to know regarding your firm, and they’ll start managing your business calls right away.


If you’ve been struggling with managing office calls for your DUI defense law firm, you might gain some relief from engaging a attorney answering service. A virtual call handler will be there 24/7 to ensure that all your office calls are answered, your clients are well-advised, and that your schedule is adequately managed. It is a chance for your business to engage the help of a well-trained, well-informed, and professional call handler. Answering services will come with tons of benefits for your law firm, including saving you time, money, and other resources. Therefore, if you would like help handling your office calls, contact a reliable call center.